Learning100 helps educators start and run great private practices that serve students who struggle with school. We work with independent learning center owners,PACE providers, Samonas providers,tutors, speech and language specialists,SAT and ACT prep businesses, and educational therapists.
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PACE / Master the Code Licensing & Training Workshop

October 24 - 26, 2013

If you've been considering taking
the PACE & Master the Code Training,
NOW is the time to sign up for the
October 2013 Training

Here is why this is such a unique time to be offering PACE

Dear Friend,

PACE (Processing And Cognitive Enhancement) has been growing in popularity over the last several years because of one very important fact:

It makes rapid and permanent changes
in a student's ability to succeed in school.

But RIGHT NOW is unique - There is less money being spent in schools to help students succeed than anytime in the last 20+ years. School budgets are slashed, staffing is down, programs have been cut.

Who is going to help those students in your community who need to build and strengthen the skills that will "make or break" their school (and life) success? The opportunity is HUGE. Just helping a few students after school will change those lives forever.

Whether you are already in practice or are considering beginning an after school program, PACE will help your students succeed ...permanently!

But DON'T confuse PACE with simple tutoring!


PACE is the proprietary process that is providing breakthrough results for learning challenged students across the country.

What it does - PACE develops underlying processing skills critical to learning, including auditory and visual processing, attention, processing speed, phonemic awareness, logic and reasoning, and memory, through fun, but intensive activities that are done one-to-one with students. ( See the list of all 24 skills by clicking here)

Master the Code helps students develop an understanding of the code of the language, and bring reading and spelling skills to an automatic level (see more about Master the Code below).

Why we use it - We find it to be extremely helpful for students of all ages with learning disabilities, as well as with students who want to be more efficient, get better grades, etc. PACE is a GREAT way to make maximum impact on a large number of critical learning skills in a short period of time.

What we like about it - It's fun, well-planned, and has everything needed in one organized system. Students and families love the success!

We have found PACE and Master the Code to be exceptionally helpful in overcoming many of the issues our students face.

PACE works on the underlying processing skills that are critical to efficient learning. Master the Code is a reading and spelling program that develops phonemic awareness, visual awareness for words, and an understanding of the phonetic code of the language.

Together, these programs take the best research available and combine the elements in an easy to use, easy to deliver, and extremely effective package.

Here's a brief 11 Point Overview of the PACE Program. . .

  1. PACE is based on the best scientific research available and is continually modified to incorporate new scientific data.
  2. PACE targets and trains those skills that are most likely to have a meaningful impact on a person's learning and work performance. These skills include attention and concentration, memory, processing speed, problem solving, visual processing, phonetic awareness, and comprehension.
  3. PACE is provided individually to a student (child or adult) to achieve significant results quickly.
  4. PACE consists of sequenced procedures to challenge - not bore or frustrate the student.
  5. PACE is provided on a one-on-one basis to give the student immediate feedback (error correction and positive reinforcement).
  6. PACE will improve a student's self-esteem and confidence by allowing him or her to actually see the difference in his or her own performance.
  7. PACE drives new skills to the subconscious so they become habitual and automatic.
  8. PACE procedures appear to be non-academic so they are different from the schoolwork with which many students may have had negative experiences.
  9. PACE requires parental involvement or a helper. Practicing at home is cost-effective and helps transfer learned skills to your student's everyday activities.
  10. PACE develops meaningful skills that are used in your students' daily activities so there is a high level of retention.
  11. PACE produces valuable results that are quickly seen - giving a high return for your students' time, money, and effort.

    Many learning problems affecting a person's performance in school or work reflect, to some degree, a lack of cognitive skills; the skills needed to process information.

    Without these skills, learning success is incredibly difficult. What causes this lack of skills is debated. But our results show that by improving these skills, remarkable improvements of performance are possible.

Master the Code

For your students who have reading and spelling problems, Master the Code is a powerful tool. Some of our members have been so intrigued with PACE, they only realize the value of the companion Master the Code program when they experience it at the training workshops.

What it does - Master the Code (MTC), is a revolutionary sound-to-code based reading system that consistently provides big, fast results for students who read below grade level. Averaging a 4-year increase in reading skills in 18 weeks, MTC was developed from the latest research available.

Why we use it - Combined with PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement) your child will not only have greatly improved reading skills, but his/her comprehension will increase as well.

These programs have been designed to develop:

  • Memory (ability to remember the sound-symbol relationship)
  • Sound Segmenting (ability to separate or unglue sounds)
  • Sound Blending (ability to put together sounds to form words)
  • Auditory Analysis (ability to manipulate or analyze small changes in groups of sounds)
  • Processing Speed (ability to process information quickly)
  • Working Memory (ability to retain incoming information and process it quickly and properly)
  • Attention (ability to stay on the given task in spite of distraction)
  • Visualization (ability to create and use mental images)
  • Reading Fluidity (ability to read smoothly)
  • Logic and Reasoning (ability to nonverbally reason and solve problems)

What we like about it - The versatility of MTC can give a first grader a reliable reading system for life, and it can completely rebuild the faulty system of a lifelong struggling reader.

Yes, they receive instruction, but the student's proficiency accelerates through doing, not simply learning what to do. Mastery is exciting to students!

The program can provide an incredible foundation for those students just learning to read. It also aids individuals of all ages who struggle with reading difficulties, and is especially beneficial for student-readers who might have developed inefficient or inaccurate reading habits (like guessing words by looking at parts of the word or sentence).

About PACE and Master the Code Training
(We supply the needed PACE training and Materials.)

To start the PACE program in your practice, you first need to attend one of the training session to learn how to implement the program.

In addition to the training, numerous materials are provided which include:

  • About 90 percent of the equipment you will need for training
  • Our procedural manuals covering screening, training, computer, consulting, and quality control
  • A video explaining the program to parents and students
  • Scripts and videos for talks with students and parents
  • A web site that generates PACE reports at the touch of a key
  • 2,000 to 3,000 hours per year of continuing program improvement, support, and development.

The License

Learning Rx licenses the program to you. The $3,900 fee is less than what you'll collect from your first two students and includes the cost of materials and training.

How you design your treatment plan is entirely up to you. A typical plan is a 12 week, 3 times per week, program - a total of 36 sessions, but again, that's entirely up to you. What you charge is also at your discretion. Your fees should reflect your normal professional fees.

We've seen a series of sessions totaling anywhere from $2,500-$4,000, but it's your choice. There are no "set" fee requirements. You have the same flexibility with Master the Code. Don't be concerned. We'll discuss setting fees in detail at the workshop.

You can terminate your license agreement at any time for any reasons. This is extremely fair and involves very little risk for you.

PACE is a unique program that is greatly needed, well received, and gets tremendous results.

Your instructor is Jill Stowell , the founder and director of Stowell Learning Center, a center that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of processing and learning problems in people of all ages.

She holds California teaching credentials in elementary education and learning handicaps, an MS degree in Education, a California Resource Specialist Certificate, and Dyslexia Remediation Specialist Certification, and is author of the book At Wits End: A Parent's Guide to ENDING The Struggle, Tears and Turmoil of Learning Disabilities.

Jill is an educational trainer / consultant for school districts and private education professionals in the U.S. and Canada.


There are several locations close to the office where you can stay. We have a special group price arranged with Ayres Suites right here in Chino Hills.

Make your reservation after you are registered for the workshop by calling Tel. 909.860.6290. Visit their web site at http://www.ayreshotels.com/chinohills/index.asp.

Registration Limited to 20
Enroll Now!

Workshop details. . .
October 24-26, 2013
: Stowell Learning Center
15192 Central Ave
Chino, CA 91710
Training and PACE License : $3,900
Attendance limited to 20

Here's What To Do: Registration is easy. The First Step: You can register for the workshop ONLY if a license is available in your area. Simply Click Here and fill out the form. We'll then have the zip code checked and let you know the result.

Your training and license (issued at the successful completion of the workshop) is $3,900. Light breakfast, all day snacks, and lunch on Friday are all included as part of our "total immersion" experience.

Registered attendees will receive some materials prior to the event, which provide foundational information in preparation for the workshop.

Book - Why Our Children Can't Read
Book - Learning Problems, A Cognitive Approach
Videos - PACE Background Information (Videos 1 and 2)

PACE and Master the Code are excellent tools that produce outstanding results and excite parents and students alike. From a business perspective PACE is organized and makes maximum changes in 24 skill areas in just 12 weeks.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis so please - please! - make your reservation now.

Best regards,

David Stowell
Stowell Training Services


P.S. REMEMBER - To get started, we have to get approval on your zip code. Click Here and so that we can take the first step and make sure PACE is available for you.

Further Questions? Call us at (909) 598-9796


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